Why Marketing Translation is Important for African Audience

Why Marketing Translation is Important for African Audience

In business it is always try and error, the more risky the venture, the bigger the profits .Even for small firms, globalization has made it easy be it transportation or online. Reaching the whole world especially Africa, the 2nd biggest continent with your products seems so demanding and costly but the bigger the battle, the bigger the victory.

Modernization is almost eliminating the use of traditional products of Africa. Africans now prefer use of internationally manufactured products to locally made products due to international technological superiority. Your attempt to create market segments in Africa could incredibly reap a significant market share of you product. The African literate are opting for online means to access international products while the illiterate are looking for trusted channels around their home areas. Africans have a thing for international products but it takes a persuasive native language they understand most to win them over. Africans will buy your product after satisfactory answers to their queries. They are so inquisitive that that if you use a proper language, you would even score a good percentage of impulsive buyers.

As an experienced sales person in Africa, i would consider the most effective technique of creating African awareness of your product   as employing the languages of its inhabitants in all my marketing strategies. By opting to translate to  standard English as your business language  because it is the most globally wide spread, you will have secured  a great  market segment of  over 700million speakers  also ignored other  potential clients of the 9 most spoken languages of Africa which also have an official status like;

  • More than 100millom Arabic speakers in North, East and West Africa
  • Swahili speakers of East Africa
  • French of over 90million speakers in Morocco, Algeria, Rwanda and Senegal
  • Hausa speakers of 50million in spread in Western, Northern and central Africa
  • Over 30million Oromo speakers in the horn of Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya
  • Yoruba speakers of over 30million in Nigeria, Togo and Benin
  • Igbo speakers of over 24miillion in West Africa
  • Amharic of 18.7million speakers
  • Zulu speakers of 10million

With a modern professional African translation agency, it cost effectively possible to tap both the literate and illiterate Africans making them comprehend your product by just using the language they understand. Simply go for services of;

  • African interpretation
  • African website translation
  • African software translation
  • African transcription services
  • And also
  • African financial services
  • African patent translation services